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Identity Branding

How you want the consumer to distinguish your service Is called brand identity. Brand identity is used in all aspects of communication with your customers (including logos, slogans, brochures, Guides, the Internet, stationary, and of course the product itself.


The World Wide Web is no longer a foreign concept. It's an integral part of society that's as commonplace as a phone call, or sending off an email. Any marketing campaign that doesn't consider a web presence will be missing out on a very large market. But!  There is Transit specific compliance that goes with a Public Transit Website!  ADA, Civil Rights, Public Notice, and more technology based compliance.  BellaGraphic's professional staff will help create a web design that's user friendly, eye catching, and easy to navigate and free from transit compliance issues.

Additionally, we offer full after design services such as: Web Hosting, Web Maintenance, & acquisition of URL's. See our Web Design page for more information.


Sample Websites:          C TRAN.COM            



Are quite simply an organizational stamp. It is the most used and recognized image in a marketing campaign. A logo should be seen, not heard. The intent of a logo is visual repetition. Often a logo only has seconds in the public eye and needs to make an impression in that time. BellaGraphic's by SondraJay will create a visual statement reflective of your community and transit system.

Sample Logos:

Sample Logo  Logo 2  Logo 3 Logo 4  Sample Logo Image Logo 5 Mobility Management Logo Sample



Are memorable motto's or phrase's used as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose.

Sample Slogans:

Come Ride The Bus   -   Connecting Communities Don't Fuss, Ride the Bus


Schedules and Guides 

Are important branding products used to promote and market your service. Schedules provide a tailored pocket sized handout for the rider interested in a particular route. Transit guides are an all inclusive manual of all services offered. BellaGraphic's by SondraJay uses state of the art multi-media software for all development.

Sample Route Schedules (for individual route descriptions):

 Schedule 1            Schedule 2            Schedule 3

Sample Route Guides (an all inclusive guide all services available):

   Guide 1       Guide 2          Guide 3


Other useful handouts include: Post cards (providing more economical postage alternatives to put your service in the public eye) and flyers and brochures (informational handouts of services offered).

 BellaGraphic's is a New York State Certified MWBE Woman Owned Small Business